The Importance of A Proactive Cybersecurity Strategy

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Global cyberattacks have given rise to new cybersecurity concerns on a different scale and highlighted the importance of defending against sophisticated attacks through a proactive, resilience-based cybersecurity strategy.

In today’s cyber threat landscape, governments and organizations are facing an onslaught of sophisticated cyberattacks from nation-states and other malicious actors who are constantly trying to break through their defenses and steal information or damage their critical assets. In addition to these external threats, companies face an internal challenge in maintaining security across their digital infrastructure – from the cloud to mobile devices, as well as data center networks – while simultaneously meeting their business objectives.

Today’s nation-states attackers are well-versed in carrying out multiple sets of cyberattacks, with prominent examples discussed below:

  1. Launching Distributed Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks from various geolocations on the Internet to take down critical infrastructure and communication.
  2. Triggering data destruction attacks by distributing advanced malicious code via drive-by download attacks.
  3. Stealing Intellectual Property (IP) during a time conflict is also one of the main targets of the nation-state adversaries.


Modern Applications that have helped to achieve operational efficiency also require protection against advanced cyberattacks, which can be targeted or broad-based in nature. It becomes even more relevant during times of nation-states conflict to ensure that critical applications can be kept available. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Services and solutions such as Web App and API Protection (WAAP) not only provide protection against web-based attacks, but include native security features.
  • A proactive cybersecurity strategy should also include the ability to circumvent application-based DoS attacks to ensure critical applications remain available.
  • An observability strategy that enables early detection of potential attacks offers the ability to quickly respond and neutralize an attack.

Achieving security with resiliency and undisrupted availability are the benchmarks of proactive cybersecurity and also the key offerings of

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