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A lot of network administrators are bogged down by a lot of false-positive alerts. Threats have evolved from single events that are standalone and are triggered by keywords or particular user behavior, to single events that are part of an orchestrated attack campaign. These campaigns are run by deep pocket, deep skilled, deep motivated organizations that can evade traditional security controls in the environment.

As a result of this, the risk posture of the organization has skyrocketed as the administrators are blind to the threats. If the defense is not put up in a coordinated approach, then the attack campaigns using multiple tools and techniques will overwhelm the company’s administrators and analysts.

The game has changed in the security threat landscape.

Today’s security posture is to detect and respond. The perimeter has lost its place as the area in a network to be most secure. It is no longer the answer for risk mitigation.

To address our customer pain points in this space, TigerLogic is a partner to leading vendors in the Network Behavioral Analysis space that focus on the behavior of users in the environment, equipping them with advanced tools and visibility, advanced techniques, dealing with noise more predictably becoming more effective at finding the ‘signal’ and the use of analytics. Also, we partner with vendors with a proven global shared threat intelligence.

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