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Detect. Respond. Prevent.

Today’s enterprise requires big data security solutions that can adapt to advanced threats and changing business demands. Simple monitoring of traditional security events is no longer enough.

Security practitioners need broader insights from new data sources generated at massive scales across IT, the business, and in the cloud. Staying ahead of external attacks, malicious insiders and costly fraud demand continuous security and compliance monitoring, fast incident response, and the ability to detect and respond to known, unknown, and advanced threats.

Organization’s IT Security operation teams are missing attacks that significantly impact their organization, they don’t have the size or expertise to keep up with attackers and their existing security tools, such as SIEMs, and other point’s solutions are failing to meet business needs.

The Advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) integrates a set of technologies and services that can provide SIEM, Network Forensics, and Endpoint Threat Protection that gives security operations teams complete visibility to identify and investigate attacks.

IT compliance is critical to preventing security breaches and financial losses. Today’s IT environments are so dynamic and complex that traditional manual efforts make it virtually impossible to keep pace with the increased frequency and the severity of security threats,

ever-changing regulatory mandates, and higher business risk of failed audits. Manual administration is not just unsustainable; it is dangerous. Delays in responding to security threats and compliance issues can have devastating effects.

To help our clients address these challenges, we partner with the global IT security vendors and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that offer solutions and services, which are able to transform machine-generated data into valuable insights that can help make your business more secure.

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